"I expect them to try their best, because if nobody demands it of them they'll be mediocre" -  Dr. Rick Montz 

Congratulations for being selected to be a Springfield Thunder SC player. It is a big commitment to be a part of a select soccer club team. It requires dedication, teamwork and many hours of practice each week. Good luck with the upcoming season.


1. Listen when coaches are talking. Listening means no playing with a ball, no talking to or touching a teammate, no playing with the grass and keeping your eyes on the coach. 


2. Respect teammates, coaches, opponents and referees.


3. Always give 100% in every practice and game.


4. No whining or complaining. For example using the words "can't", "that's not fair" will result in team consequences. 


5. Always come to practice prepared with a ball, shin guards and a drink. Failure to do so results in team consequences. 


6. Always thinking of where you should be no matter where the ball is and who has it.


7. Always moving to get open to receive a pass and to finish a run. Never stand still and leave your teammate without a passing option to advance the ball. 


8. Always talking to your teammates when playing so they know where you are and what their situation is with or without the ball.


9. Practice at home nightly.